Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wrap up for our Sense of the Resurrection lessons

We wrapped up our Easter lessons this week. Just in time to spend the weekend celebrating with friends and family. The first half of our lessons are here. Today I will share with you what we did in the last few lessons.

Day 7 our sense was feel. We discussed how Jesus might have felt being nailed to the cross. Then we did this to remind us what He did for us.
Sunshine then put a picture of Jesus on the banner. 
Day 8 was taste. We talked about the bitterness of sin and discussed how Jesus took our sin in as if He was drinking it. Then we tasted red wine vinegar to experience what Jesus was offered on the cross when He said He was thirsty.
For the banner she added sand to the tongue.
Days 9-12 we finished all up all in one day because of the busy weekend ahead. Lesson 9 we discussed all the sounds that took place just as Jesus died. We made this fun rattle. And glued gravel to our rock paper for the banner.
Lesson 10 we talked about the tomb being sealed. Sunshine colored a tomb picture and then placed duct tape over it to represent sealing the tomb.
Lesson 11 Talks about the angel giving the news that Jesus had risen just as He said. Sunshine make a sun catcher by cutting up a clear plastic cup and decorating it. She then wanted to hang it on the back porch.

She also added an angel to the banner.
Our final lesson, 12 is on Jesus providing for us and how He has a plan for each one of us. Sunshine put scales on her fish using foil cut into circles. She then added those to the banner to complete it.

To see the first half of the banner go here. I hope this gives you some ideas for next year. I got all of the lessons from A Sense of the Resurrection: Touch, Feel, Taste, Listen, Smell the Resurrection
There is so much in these lessons that we didn't even get too, so much more to experience with our Savior! So we are looking forward to digging into this again next year!

Praying you have a very blessed Easter Weekend!

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