Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our lessons from a Sense of the Resurrection

Our lesson, Bible and supplies for our first day!

We are enjoying our countdown to Resurrection Sunday with
A Sense of the Resurrection A Sense of the Resurrection These lessons have been wonderful. Everything from deep conversations about what Jesus did for us to giggling over making our own scented paint. Some activities are simple such as gluing leaves onto paper. While other days are more involved like baking bread. But each day is meant to involve one or more of our senses. Here are some of the things we did.
 Day one we read about Mary and her offering- of washing Jesus' feet with an expensive perfume. We made scent jars for our home as well as scented paint by putting a kool-aid packet into some water and painting a "paper" jar. We then cut it out and added it to our Easter Banner.
On day two we cut leaves and discussed Jesus' triumphal entry. Day three we learned why Jesus would wash someones feet. She painted some feet to add to the banner.
Day four we made bread and learned that Jesus gave himself up for us. She added to the banner torn strips of brown paper bag to resemble bread.
By the way: Sunshine makes good bread!
Day five we talked about Jesus truly being King of kings and the purple robe the solders put on him. We added a cross with a purple cloth to the banner. Day six (half way through) was on Peter forgetting how much he loved Jesus and denied him 3 times. We put 3 feathers on the banner. We homeschool so these lessons just become part of our school day, but these are made to fit any schedule. And any time you would be able to invest would be so worth it!
What are some ways you teach the Resurrection Story to your children. I would love for you to share in the comments below!

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