Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thrifting Thursday: How I decorate on a tight budget

Welcome to my first installment of Thrifting Thursday! Each week I will share with you how our family saves money. Posts will include saving on groceries, thrift store finds, decorating on a budget, parties on a budget and anything else I find to write about that has saved our family tons!

To start with you should all know that my favorite place to shop is the thrift store. Why? Because almost anything we need or want can be found there for very good prices. And it is fun- you never know what you will find! Shopping there has truly been a blessing, it has literally saved our family hundreds of dollars over the years. Any thrift store will do, but I do shop our local Youth Ranch the most because it is close to home. I go almost weekly 1) because our store is always busy so I go often to find the deals 2) they put out new stuff just about daily and 3) they have sales that change almost weekly. I will share with you in a later post on the ins and outs of thrift store shopping that I have learned from both working at thrift stores and shopping them over the years.

But for now let's get on to the savings! We have a tight budget and thrift store finds are one way I have found to make our house feel like home. Usually with a little cleaning, up-cycling, or t.l.c. I can make work what I have found, to match the decor we already have.

The first picture at the top of the post is the decor I have on top of my china hutch in the dining room.
I will focus on the items that have been given or thrifted lately. To start with the USA wood sign was given to me from my good friend Heather, it goes well on top of my flag box. Which I got on a half price sale at the Youth Ranch for only 95 cents. The gold pear (which I think I am going to paint) I got again for half price at only 33 cents.

The small white pillar in this picture I got as well for half price for only 33 cents. And aren't the pet food containers cute! I paid under $4 total for them at a gigantic flea market we go to every Labor Day weekend.
This hangs on the wall in our dining room. I love the stitching, heart buttons and colors of it. It goes perfectly in this room. I purchased it for only 95 cents at the thrift store.
The swan planter sits on our dining table which holds our cloth napkins. I paid 33 cents, again on a half price sale at my local thrift store.
And this guy- I heart him! He is adorable and I only had to pay $4 for him at that same gigantic flea market this last Labor Day weekend.

What are some of your favorite thrifty finds? 

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  1. This is so great! You found awesome stuff at terrific prices. And that little sign looks perfect up there if I do say so myself!

  2. thank you! I need you to come by soon!

  3. Wow, great prices. Looks like you have a knack for decorating.

    1. Thank you! I am learning. Thanks for visiting!