Thursday, March 19, 2015

Celebrating Easter with Resurrection Eggs

I wanted to share with you again a very fun and interactive way to share with your children what Easter is really all about. Make your own Resurrection Eggs! You can do this in several ways. I have used this as a countdown to Easter. Opening only 1 egg each day, or over several days. I have used this as an Easter morning Sunday school lesson where each child gets a turn opening an egg. And I have incorporated this with our daily homeschool lessons to add some extra fun into our school day.

I did a post on this last year. It has a link to the Bible verses for you. Once you make up your own kit it only takes just a few moments each day to talk with your kids about why Jesus died and came back alive for us!

Enjoy and Happy Easter! He Is Risen!

the Singing Honey Bee