Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Camo Birthday Party Ideas

My first official order for this new business of mine, was from my sister-in-law Carly. She gave me call and said she was looking on my Facebook page and decided I needed a boy party on the page. She was right! My nephew's birthday was coming up and she ordered some camo cupcakes and I also went ahead and did the banners as well. She then let me take pics of some decor ideas that she used. 

The duck in the picture below I purchased at the thrift store for only 65 cents! We both thought it would fit in with what she was planning.
For starters I knew that I would want to make some cake picks. I have a Cricut machine, however I do not have a cartridge for the shape I wanted. Well, what did I do before I received a Cricut- I did it by hand. 
I was going to need a pattern so I turned to Pinterest for one. I enjoy Pinterest immensely! You can find just about anything there. I found a few that would work, however my printer was not working at the time. I was unable to print out a pattern. 
So what's a girl to do? Yep, that's right, I traced it. The computer screen works like a light box. So I gently placed a piece of copy paper up on the screen and lightly traced around the pattern. I cut it out and then used it for my pattern for the cake picks I would make. 

I worked on a few at a time and before I knew it, I had enough small for 24 cupcakes and 6 large for the banner. Once I cut them out of cardstock I inked (using an ink pad) around the edges with bright orange to give it some pop! Then I adhered them to a toothpick.
large ones I used for banner, I layered with a piece of camo paper
I did 12 bucks and 12 duck camo cake picks
In case you are wondering I timed myself on the small ones, I was under 2 minutes to trace and cut each one. Not too bad for how cute they turned out! 

The banner I made with scrapbook paper and my Cricut machine for the letters. I found here a pattern to make each triangle. I inked around the letters with a stamp pad in bright orange as well to coordinate with the picks.
This was a very fun party. It was a beautiful March afternoon. My brother BBQ'd, we shared potluck, the kiddos got to run all over the countryside as well as horse ride and everyone got to enjoy the yummy cupcakes-which I will share in Friday's post.


  1. You are incredibly creative!! I would not have thought to trace a pic from the computer screen... But it was brilliant! So glad you commented so I could find your blog.

    1. Oh, thank you! I was just happy I didn't get too tired of cutting them out. Thank you for your kind comments. Made my day. Thank you for stopping by!

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