Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making a big deal of the Resurrection and still keeping within budget

It's not about what she gets, its not about how cute or how fun. It is about pointing her to my Savior, creating family memories, and trying to make as big a deal of His death as we do His birth. And all without blowing the budget. This year I believe we have a balance of some budget friendly items but also something that she needs "spiritually".

First off I have this on order.
She is at the stage where I have read all the devotional Bibles we own to her. I feel that she is ready for a Bible that she herself can read. I chose this one because I use the NIV, this one will be close to my version. I also wanted an early reader Bible to help her gain confidence in her reading abilities. I want her to enjoy scripture reading, not to get frustrated with it. Looking through it on Amazon, there are even fun study questions throughout the book that will allow us to explore deeper. I am paying $12.80 (plus $3.99 shipping) for a new hardcover early reader.

Now on to the basket. I shop the thrift stores regularly and was pleased to find this bike basket for only 65 cents! I new immediately this would be used for her Easter basket.
After Easter this will be added to her bike

The items I am filling it with are from Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Joann's and all cost $1 each. With the exception of the My Little Pony stuffed animal which was $4 at Walmart and the cross necklace which I saved up for and bought from a friend who sells Premier Designs. The total for the basket was $13.65 the total for cross and Bible is $36.79.

We believe Easter is a special day and deserves to be celebrated!

Other ways we are making a big deal out of the Resurrection  are our DIY Resurrection Eggs and  our Sense of the Resurrection lessons, which we are working on each day as we head into the big day!

He is Risen!

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  1. Melissa,

    You've totally summed up my thoughts! I know it isn't about how much you get... it is Christ, but I can't help myself there is just so much adorable stuff.

    1. Yes it is hard to limit. That's why dollar stores and dollar sections are so great to help offset the not so dollar stuff! lol. Thanks for stopping by!