Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet, simple, money saving alternative to soda and juice

I grew up putting a tea jug out in the sun on a warm day and drinking sun tea in the summer. I married a man who drinks it all year long. So I quickly learned how to make it from the stove top  when it is too cold for sun tea. We go through about 2 gallon jars a week. It is quite simple and inexpensive to make. It saves us a ton on sugar intake, as it only takes a minimum amount to sweeten the tea. It also happens to save on the grocery bill because I send a 16 oz plastic jug with Dear Hubby to work everyday. Between that and his water he rarely has to spend money on a soda or sports drinks. Sunshine loves it too, and will actually ask for tea instead of soda or chocolate milk when she gets a kids meal somewhere.

Here is how to make it:
Fill a pan 3/4 full with water, bring to a boil on stove. Note: I have a pan I only use for tea because overtime it gets stained. Once the water is boiling I take it off the burner. I add 5 bags of tea and let steep for 5 minutes. If you like it stronger add another bag or two. Five seem to be just right for us. 

While the tea steeps in the pan I fill a gallon glass jar with 3/4 full of warm water. I use warm so the sugar (about 1/3 cup) will mix in. If you don't want sweet tea then skip this step. We like is sweet! Note: I do not like the plastic jugs with spouts at the bottom that the stores sell in the summer time. Why? Because the spouts always seem to end up leaking. I look for glass gallon jars with no spouts at yard sales and thrift stores. After the tea has steeped I pour it into the gallon jar and give it a good stir. And that's it! A sweet, simple, money saving alternative to soda and juice. 


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    1. You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm going to try this. I'm almost ashamed of how much we spend a month on drink mix!

    1. It is less than 50 cents a gallon to make this. Easy on the budget!

  3. I just made my first gallon of green tea. Mr. Matrimony made a face when he tasted it!!! But.... he told me what it needed and he drank a whole glass! We're going to try mixing in his drink mix and tapering back. As for me, I love the one you made! This is going to save us SO much! Thanks again =o)

  4. Yeah! Glad to hear you found something that may work for both of you! Drink up the savings!