Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinterest Birthday Party, Part One

Pinterest Part Title 

I was at my friend Heather's house sharing ideas and asking her opinion of some of my etsy creations. Honestly, she fell in love with them. She wanted some for her grandkids and also for herself. She had been wanting to do a Pinterest party for some time. (Where she would gather friends together to share Pinterest inspired food and then make a few craft items found on Pinterest).
Her birthday was approaching and her son wanted to do something special for her. Long story she wanted a Pinterest inspired party. I had asked what she thought of going ahead and making it a Pinterest themed party. Between her ideas and mine. This is her Pinterest Birthday Party...

Pinterest Party Cover 1

She talks in her post about how we arrived at the color scheme. It was bright, fun and Pinteresty perfect! Because it was a Pin inspired party I wanted to use not just mine and her ideas but also what we found on Pinterest as well.
If you have never been on Pinterest it is a lot of fun! It is an online bulletin board where you can save all the great ideas you find. We had tons of ideas of course so I will share with you what we "pinned" it down too! To quote Heather "It was as if a Pin had stepped right off of Pinterest and into my living room!!!"

To start with I made invites for her, I pinned the ideas and images from Pinterest of course. You can find most of these pins on my Heather's Pinterest Party board.

Then I made for her what inspired this whole thing in the first place, her birthday banners.

so sorry for the glare of the flash
 Heather wanted to add these.
She spray painted wine bottles and I used my Cricut machine (on deep and slow cut setting) to cut the red vinyl letters for her. She then wanted to use what she had for flowers. The daffodils and tulips had already come and gone, the iris and peonies were not ready yet. But what is in full bloom... dandelions. They actually were so pretty in contrast to the red and teal.

She also wanted a small banner so I came up with this for her...
We then made all kinds of flowers. I will do another post on how these were made.

This last one is one that I have only seen on Pinterest which links to this site.
Other items we used...
pumpkins she painted
my spring wreath
all the little added touches
"Pin" This!
Her cake stands and cake pops
She's just adorable!
In the next few posts I will share the food and cake, "how to" on some of the ideas, and the make and takes we did. Heather is also sharing her thoughts on the party as well on her blog Dumpster Diving Darling

Thank you for stopping by! We hope this inspires you to get friends and family together and celebrate life and creativity!

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  1. I don't even know what to say, and for anyone who knows me, that is shocking!!! Seeing your words, just make me realize it was even more special than I hoped. I love that we got to have the experience together of planning the party! I've learned so much about you and have come to appreciate your friendship so much. My eyes are a little misty thinking about how thankful I am for that AND for how awesomely you planned my party!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ahhh! You are most welcome! It was truly my pleasure!