Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day gift made with everyday items around the house

I am taking a break from New Meal Monday's to share with you a fun easy craft your kiddos will love to give to moms, grandma's, even their cousins and friends. At our last 4H meeting one of our leaders shared with us how to make these cute necklaces out of simple items. Sunshine and I thought it would be fun to make some more and share with all of you!
At the meeting she brought clothes pins, chain, various beads and wire cutters. I am all for using what we already have on hand so we have colored cord to use instead of the chain.
First the most fun part of this whole project...
...pulling the clothes pins apart! Instructed them to gently pull apart though. Otherwise you will need to use your wire cutters to get them back into shape.
Once you have your clothes pins separated, bag the wooden parts and save for another project we will do for Father's Day (future post).
Ok, lets stop for a moment and just enjoy what is before us. Who comes to the table to craft looking like they are ready for tea? Why Sunshine of course! (Sorry, had to share, she's too cute!)
Ok, so once you have your beads picked out, you will most likely need to trim down each side of the opening. (opposite end from the spring)
Then once you put the bead in, both sides of the bead will fit evenly through.. If your bead has a big enough opening you will not need to trim.
Then use what you have on hand (chain, cord, or ribbon) and thread it through the spiral spring part.
There you have it!
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Very creative! Who would have ever thought to take apart a cloths pin. Great idea.

    1. I think that these would be adorable if we were to spray paint the clothes pin spring. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. There would be a lot more crafters if they could have a crafting partner like that. What style she has! Love the necklaces too!

  3. Yes she is lots of fun to craft with! I will let her know your thoughts on her style. Thanks for stopping by!