Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome Spring!

I have been wanting to make one of these for a while. I was going to try to do one for Christmas but never got to it. So a few months later I see some gorgeous turquoise burlap and resolve to do one for spring. I have a very small budget for decorating. So I am always on the lookout for great deals. I will shop thrift stores, dollar stores, and clearance sales to make our home more lovely. Case in point the wire wreath was brand new still in the package at the thrift store for  65 cents! The pretty yellow flowers (my favorite color of flower) was from the Dollar Tree... you guessed it only 1 dollar! These flowers are great because they are made with alligator clips. So I will be able to remove them and change up the wreath later as the seasons change. I will confess one of the hang ups to making this wreath earlier is burlap is not cheap. And you need quite a bit of it to fill in around the wire. I remembered to look and Walmart for the burlap and found the pretty color for a price I was willing to pay ($3.47). I will say that next time I make one of these I will go ahead and use 2 rolls of burlap just to make sure it is nice and full. But I am pleased with it! 
What you need: wire floral wreath, burlap at least 2 rolls, pipe cleaners to help secure, decorations to add. The first thing I did was loop the burlap in and out of the spokes like so...
Then I went back around going over and under the the two outside circles of the frame...
Then it took some "foofing" and "fluffing" to make it start to shape like you want to, to cover all the wire. This is where more burlap is better. I then used small pieces of pipe cleaner (you can use wire) to help secure the burlap. As a final securing measure I used my glue gun to glue the burlap together in just a couple of places that were being stubborn.
the process of fluffing and foofing the burlap

using pipe cleaner to close some gaps and also to secure the burlap
I then just clipped the flowers in place and there you have it! A pretty and frugal way to welcome Spring!

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  1. First, "Thrifty Thursday" .... clever!
    Second, I love the wreath! Also, I know a place where you can get free flowers

  2. Good to know on the flowers. Thanks!