Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Meal Mondays

We have arranged Monday evenings to have my mom over to enjoy dinner and game night with our family. I am not usually very creative when it comes to everyday cooking and have treated it over the years as a chore. But I have been convicted about what and how I am feeding my family. I have been challenged to get out of my comfort zone, to do better for them. So, over the last year I have been learning more and have been trying new recipes out and since we have been having a little success lately I have declared to the family that Mondays would be "New Recipe Night". My goal is to share with you starting next Monday what we cooked up.

For the record I am no cook. In fact I used to say that I hate to cook. I grew up the oldest in a house of six kids with a mom that cooked most everything from scratch. And even though I had to help a lot in the kitchen, I never enjoyed it. As hard as my mom tried, it didn't stick. It did however burn. Every time my dad would see me in the kitchen he would say, "Oh, looks like local burn and serve is at it again!" It was all in fun, but he was right... I burned a lot. My worst fiasco in the kitchen was the time I forgot a pan of eggs that I put on to boil for hard boiled eggs. They were on the stove for so long that the shells turned black. Seriously!
Thankfully I never caught the house on fire.

But I have grown since then. I did a Bible study on the Proverbs 31 woman over a year ago that changed my mind on cooking and feeding my family. I found it here where they talk about feeding my family is a basic need that my family has. I can choose to bless them by providing the best I can to nourish their bodies and souls. A way to show them I love them. So it is for them that I am willing to learn, to try, to do better. So tune in next week when I post on what we will try this week. And a big thanks to my mom, she was ever so patient with me in the kitchen. Now she gets to enjoy my cooking!

The crazy part of my story-- I have always loved baking... more on that another time. 


  1. So wonderful Missy! I'm looking forward to seeing what you and "Sunshine" create!